Summer is Here: How to Install AC in Your Office

Best Ways to Stay Cool During High Temperatures

We all know that summers in the Southeast can be brutal. If you are lucky enough to have an office, it might feel like a sauna during those high temperatures. The good news is there are ways to cool off and still get your work done! With some preparation and planning, installing AC in your office this summer will be a breeze. We compiled a list of five tips for installing air conditioners in your office so you don’t suffer through another hot day without relief! On of the most used ACs for the office is blast auxiliary desktop ac ultra so check it out.

Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra

Tip: -Check your window for the appropriate size of AC unit. If you are unable to find a matching size, our experts can help! -Pick an elevation that guarantees airflow throughout the office without having to buy extra tubing or ducts.

Tip: – Read reviews and sizing charts to pick the best AC unit for your space.

Tip: – Make sure you purchase an air conditioner that is compatible with your office’s existing electrical system, or if it isn’t currently installed, install one!

Tip: – If installing a new electrical outlet seems too intimidating, talk to our experts who can help find and install the exact solution you need!

-If there are children in the building during summer months, make sure they stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Drink at least 64 oz per day and more than usual if spending long periods outside. Keep cool as well as their little bodies will thank you for it!

-Keep windows closed when cooling off indoor spaces so hot air doesn’t spread among the office.

-If you’re feeling overheated and need to cool off, take a break from your desk for 20 minutes.

Tip: Place a small fan on the table or an office chair in front of it.

This will not only keep you cool but make it easier to concentrate again!

Investing in these tips can make all the difference during high temperatures so that your workplace remains productive and comfortable no matter what outside temperature is like!