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    How to Build Trust with Your Clients

    Payment Processing System

    In today’s business world, the key to success is establishing trust. If your customers don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you and will go somewhere else. The same goes for payment processing systems like credit cards or PayPal; if people don’t trust those systems, they will not use them to purchase items online. In this article we’ll cover 10 ways that can help establish trust with both customers and your payment processing system of choice! If you need something to get started, you should check out Bluesnap and see what they have to offer.


    -Offer a range of payment options: If you’re only offering credit card or PayPal, your customers may be dissuaded from buying. Offer them all the major choices and at least one less familiar option such as Apple Pay to create trust with people who are unfamiliar with either form of payment.

    -Make sure that you know what your clients are buying: Offer a way for your clients to see their order as they go through the checkout process so that they know what’s going on. This will help reduce customer confusion and suspicion.

    -Provide generous return policies: Return policies are designed in such a way to make customers feel comfortable with purchasing from you or your company, but be careful not to offer too lenient of a policy because it may discourage people who want certainty about when or how much money is being spent.

    -Offer expedited shipping options for an added fee: You can set up faster delivery times by adding $25-$50 onto each order depending on timing needs; this will likely cost more than just sending it out standard post time but often pays off.